Free Email Course


Are you a mom of young kids who could use a 
healthy dose of encouragement 
and time to focus on all the good you are doing?

This is a 100% positive experience.

There will be no judgment.

No guilt.

No recommendations for improvement.

Just a chance to take time to focus on the good you are doing and to give yourself some credit. 

Each day, you'll receive encouragement, perspective, and reflective activities that will empower and rejuvenate you in your role as mom.

Being a mother is hard. As a mom of four young kids, I know how mentally and physically exhausting it can be.

You deserve to feel empowered.

By the end of your course, you'll have...

Celebrated your strengths as a mom

Reflected on the good you are doing

Considered the big picture

Armed yourself with positive affirmations

Remembered your whole identity

Other moms say...

I loved how each day focused on one particular topic. For me, this kept my mind focused and helped me really reflect and work on the reflection activities each day. I definitely recommend every mom does this [course]!"
- Bridget, mom of 2

"Jennie really brings comforting perspective for busy moms... who are feeling a bit under water and need reminded of how well they're doing as parents." 
- Lauren, mom of 2

"It was nice to know I'm not alone in feeling out of resources and patience as a parent. It was very organized and didn't take long to participate. It helped me feel more calm, and helped me to organize my thoughts in regards to what is important as a mom."
-Emily, twin mom

"Getting actionable advice sent straight to my inbox was fantastic and I found myself looking forward to the emails every night. I feel more focused and confident after taking the course. Now I have the motivation I need to keep moving into a busy time of year and have a plan to make sure I have some 'me time.'"
-Jennifer, mom of 1 very busy toddler